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Oct 22, 2012 5:00pm PDT
body found just seven miles from her own home. reports a man, a local photographer arrested in the kidnap and assault of another young girl nearby. is that linked to jessica's murder? investigators warning neighbors tonight, a child predator at large still in the community. bombshell tonight. reports dna on jessica's book bag could be linked to a male wanted in a sex assault of a female jogger across from jessie's school. and tonight, has blonde hair believed to be jessica's and receipts for garbage bags been found near the girl's remains? in a stunning turn, a handmade wooden cross found planted near jessie's body. left behind by jessica's killer? >> police hope to crack the case of a murdered girl in colorado. >> jessica ridgeway. >> a small wooden cross that belongs to her killer. >> we believe it was left behind or dropped by somebody that was involved. >> the cross has three distinct marks on one side, and on the other what appears to be the letter "s." >> it potential was left intentionally. pl >> police are re-examining an attempted abduction. >> the crimes seem eeril
Oct 24, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. >> check your local listings. >> we got harsh on judges today. i want to be clear, again, like yourself, judges are some of the most bright, upstanding -- >> dedicated. >> dedicated people i know. >> caringdedicated, caring peop. and it's just the few bad ones that get all the press and the good ones. >> got to go. nancy grace starts right now. >>> breaking news tonight. live westminster, colorado. 8:30 a.m. this little girl, 10-year-old jessica ridgeway, walks three blocks en route to school. mommy watches as she walks away from home. jessica never seen again. then a terrible find. the awful discovery. 10-year-old jessie's body dismembered, just a few miles from her own home. bombshell tonight. in the last hours an arrest goes down in the murder and dismemberment of 10-year-old schoolgirl jessie. a 17-year-old college students, a crime scene tech wanna-be who dreamed of being a mortician. >> we have made an arrest in the jessica ridgeway case. 17-year-old austin sigg is in our custody. >> a warrant is being served on a home. an arrest is being made. this are two charges, one and two, t
Oct 25, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. according to police, she encountered a local college student. this man. austin reed sigg. look at the cross he's wearing. it is of special significance. as a similar cross was found at one of the crime scenes. we are taking your calls. as we're going to air we're learning more and more and more about sigg, about his past, about what happened in court today. i understand nia bender, that he formally with drew his waiver of rights to speak to police. in other words, he isn't going to be speaking to authorities any more, even if it is about finding the rest of this little girl's body. body parts. >> you know, there is mixed, there are mixed reports on that, nancy. because i had heard that he had withdrawn it. at the same time the police are telling everybody that he has been incredibly cooperative with them. >> well, unleash the lawyers. kelly, rene rockwell, kirby, what that means is, he may have been cooperative up until now. but now the public defender is involved and they with drew. they rejoked their waiver of rights. that means we're not talking anymore. that happened today in court. >>
Oct 18, 2012 5:00pm PDT
an infant not breathing. the baby, rushed to a local hospital where she is pronounced dead. before news of the tragedy even begins to settle, investigators are combing the child's home after they noticed suspicious signs. believing the death may not have been an accident after all. their suspicions proved correct after an autopsy reveals hemmaging and brain trauma. cause of death? homicide. cops arrive on the scene after it is reported a tiny baby is not breathing. daddy tells investigators the little girl had rolled off the bed. that a blanket had been wrapped around her neck and that she was dangling from the edge. the baby is rushed to the hospital only to be declared dead. authorities become suspicious after noticing that he can you'll laters in daddy's story. autopsy results confirm what investigators had feared from the beginning. this tiny infant's death was no accident. it was manslaughter. >> we are taking your calls. a so-called killer dad admits he slammed his 6-month-old baby girl to death. then he tells authorities, she fell off the bed. this after a night of hard partying,
Oct 23, 2012 10:00pm PDT
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Oct 24, 2012 5:00pm PDT
spellman. i don't know what they are pulling out of that house. when you have local crime scene techs and police pitching a tent in your drive way, they're getting evidence. that is what is happening right now. i guarantee you this vehicle that you see being put up and towed away they are taking it straight to the police department where it will be combed over by crime scene techs for hair and fiber and dna and blood and anything they can find. jim spellman joining me there live. can you tell me what are the cops thinking? how did he allegedly get the little girl into his vehicle? what happened? >> we haven't really heard an exact theory on that. he must have been known so well that it is a lot of curvy streets and dead ends. there are no major streets between jessica's home and his home. he would have known the area very well. just driving through here and getting familiar with the area you can see how it wouldn't be that difficult for somebody who is 17 years old to dealing with somebody who is only a precious little girl who is 10 years old and get her in a vehicle and be out of he
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)